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Spur of the moment studio cleaning is your good fortune!!  
I've pulled a few books from the shelf and have decided its time for them to find a new home, possibly your wonderful workbench is just waiting for a creative spark!

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CC7A: August

As I logged into my blog this morning I realized just how long I've been away from social media.  I've been fulling enjoying the lazy days of summer!  But come Monday, school begins and I've got a 2nd grader!! Everything winds back up and I'll be penciling in the calendar with all sorts of activities.

But for right now its time to get back to blogging and what a great way to get  restarted, CC7A!!!
 Alicia Marinache                                                  

For the month of August, Monique chose the colorway from a chaos of colorful buildings.

I knew the perfect bracelet design for the "Colorful Choas"!!!  

The tutorial for the above bracelet can be found in the February 2015 issue 125 of the Bead and Button magazine on page 72-74. "Edgy Triangle Bangle" designed by Penny Dixon.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

one snap.. two snap..

snap one...

snap two...

Just a few ordinary extraordinary everyday moments of life that I captured while testing out the Canon 6d.  Yes.  I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my 10 or was it 11 year old Canon Rebel. 

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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